Donations to Meals on Wheels of Chemung County—
                                                 Where Does The Money go?

An article in the Star Gazette on January 2, 2009, reported that when charities in New York State use professional telemarketers the charity likely will receive less than 50% of the amount raised.  The Attorney General’s report stated that 442 charities used telemarketers in 2007 and approximately 61% of the funds raised went to the fundraisers, rather than the charities.  This is not the case for Meals on Wheels of Chemung County.

Meals on Wheels of Chemung County does not use any form of professional telemarketing and does not pay for anyone to raise funds for us.  We have one annual fundraising event (A Night At The Races in March) and we send out newsletters and an annual appeal letter.  The fees we pay for the fund raising event, and the postage and printing costs (approximately $700) for our mailings are the only expenses that are not directly related to running our Meals on Wheels program. We accomplish this with the wonderful help of RSVP volunteers who help collate, fold, label etc.  That means almost 100% of all donated funds go directly to the operation of Meals on Wheels in Chemung County. 

For the past 42 years we have been delivering nutritious meals to those in need.  During 2012 we had more than 2100 clients and we delivered approximately 90,000 meals.  We have been successful in carrying on our mission because of the support of hundreds of individuals and organizations who have donated money.  If you have given to Meals on Wheels in the past, and if you donate to us now or in the future, we give you our assurance that the funds you donate are used to run the Meals on Wheels program in Chemung County, and not used to pay an organization to raise money for us.  Thanks for your continued support of Meals on Wheels of Chemung County.

Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We receive funds each year from several sources including the United Way, State of New York funds, and grants from area foundations.  However we still need to raise an additional $30,000 annually through donations from residents of Chemung County, and other fund raising activities.  We need your support to continue the wonderful work that we do.    

Please consider including MOWCC on your list of local organizations that you support.  By providing nutritious, appealing meals to over 1,400 residents, we enable these clients to remain in their home.

Perhaps we have provided meals to a relative or someone you know.  Your support will help us 
continue our program.

You can mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc.
150 Fox Street
Elmira, NY   14901

You can donate on line, right now.  By clicking on the "Donate" button, you will be directed to a secure web partner of MOW that will enable you to donate to Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc.

This is a quick and easy method of showing your support for our organization by sending funds to help us with our operating budget.  We need your help, NOW.  Why do we need your help?
  • Gas prices have risen significantly over the last year
  • The cost of food and therefore the cost of the meals we prepare has risen
  • and, the minimum wage increase in January 2006 and the additional increase in January 2007  further added cost to our program.

We need your financial support so we may continue our mission.  

Thank you.


The purpose of this Fund is to ensure ongoing service to our clients if our current funding shrinks, and to have funds available to maintain our facility if major repairs are required. We have contracted with a professional investment firm to conservatively manage this fund to ensure growth and safety of principal.

               There are several ways to contribute to Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc.

1.Testamentary Gift
You can impact the lives of countless local residents in the future by including Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. in your Will.  Although the people who will benefit from your generosity will never be able to thank you personally, your gift will be a living tribute to your loving foresight and compassion. 

If you want to leave a gift through your Will, consult with your attorney now and consider using the following language: 
"I give, devise, and bequeath to Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. ___% of my residuary estate." (Fill in the percentage.)
"I give, devise, and bequeath to Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. $______." (Fill in the specific dollar amount). 
You can also leave specific assets such as a home, stock or personal property.  Additionally, you can designate a particular use for your gift such as for general use, building maintenance or repair, etc.

For more information, you and your attorney may contact the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc.  If you have already named Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. in your Will please tell us. We want to recognize your generosity and personally thank you for your support. 

2.Appreciated Property
Giving securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. that have increased in value can bring significant tax savings to you.  Such gifts are deductible for income tax purposes at the total full market value if owned longer than 1 year.  They also enable you to eliminate the capital gains tax that would have otherwise be due on the sale of those securities.  

3.Depreciated Property
If you own investments that have decreased in value, they are deductible at full market value which is less than cost so consider selling them and making a charitable gift of the proceeds to Chemung County Meals on Wheels, Inc.  This creates a loss you will be able to deduct from other taxable income or gains.  Additionally a cash donation is an allowable itemized deduction.

4.Memorial Donations
Memorial donations are an important way for friends and relatives to remember someone at the time of their death.  Has Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. has provided a valuable service to you or someone you love?  Have you volunteered?  Do you have an appreciation for the valuable work the organization does?  You can have MOW named as an organization to receive memorial donations. You can do this by letting your family know your intentions now.

Meals on Wheels of Chemung County, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions made to us are deductible for computing income and estate taxes, as allowable by law. Please contact your tax advisor for additional information.

Veronica Ohler, Mark Enderle, Darlene Ike, Endra Young, and Jennifer Adams
Employees at the Eaton Corporation presented MOW $2000  from a charitable bowling tournament.